About Me

Mr. Ram Varu is a visionary leader and founder & director of Premier Education & Overseas who ensures that your dream becomes reality and someone who epitomizes excellence in professionalism, and personal kindness. In addition, Mr. Ram Varu is a proficient and knowledgeable investor in Real-Estate and Construction who has worked on a number of prominent assignments in Gujarat, India.

He is experienced in business development, Business finance, operational aspects and marketing resource management and optimization, excellent people and communication skills etc.

Mr. Ram varu is the face and brain of the company and His objective is to establish strong Academic and economic ties with Educational institutions across several locations world-wide where individuals can make a difference in their life. His main focus is on prospective market assessment, course and location and institution assessment for an individual’s career subsequently followed by the creation of successful business and career opportunities for students applying to overseas schools and universities. He makes this all possible by stating clear goals, outlining a strategic plan for achieving those goals to achieve an individual’s dream and organizational goals.

Premier education & overseas was started from scratch a decade ago and raised by hard work, diligence and dedication by everyone involved and now reaches new peaks every day  with our patrons.

It is said that a successful leader is a purposeful leader. The best and most successful leaders are those who are driven by their mission. Mr. Varu is all that and also possesses many qualities that a virtuous leader would have -Respect, empathy and compassion, Integrity, Courage, Service, Humility, and Wisdom and most of all Making a Difference to and for the people of our society and give back the love and support showered on to him.




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